Friday, May 22, 2009

Changed plans a little

So I ended up not going to the Crawfish boil. I had my first sale in my shop on Etsy last night! So I had to run some errands today to pick up some things I needed. I started feeling exhausted for some reason when I was out...and then the weather looked like it was going to get I just decided to skip the Crawfish boil. Super excited about what I'm working on now though! I am creating a line of Disney Princess inspired bracelets! I absolutely love Disney and especially the princesses so I'm really excited about making these bracelets! I've already started working on the one inspired by Ariel. I want the bracelets to look like something that the Princess's would wear...themed to their interests. I think they are going to turn out soo cute! Keep checking my shop to see when I list new items. This is the link for my shop

I saw Terminator Salvation earlier tonight! I thought it was really good. If you like action movies, you will love it! Tomorrow I'm going to meet my mom at the mall to pick out some baby clothes for my friend Melissa's adorable baby boy! I also might be going to the Greek festival in New Orleans if Meg and I can find some friends to go with us. We shall see!

Now..I'm going to go read for a bit :)

Goodnight world



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