Friday, July 24, 2009

I went down one pants size!!!!

Ok so I haven't posted on here and a while..and a lot has happened since my last post! I recently started a diet called the Paleo diet...and I've been on it for almost 2 weeks and so far I've lost 5 1/2 pounds and I went down one pants size!! I went shopping yesterday and bought two pairs of pants in a 28!! When I tried them on in a 29 they were actually too big!! Soo exciting! I really love this def. works for me. My diet consists of fruit, veggies, meat, fish, and no grainsor dairy. To me the switch was easy b/c once I learned about the Paleo diet..and what we are genetically designed to just made so much sense to me to cut the dairy and grains out of my diet. They are not natural foods for the human I don't feel the need to eat them anymore. Since starting the diet..I've had a lot more energy..I've been exercing way more and I just feel really healthy. I can't wait to see more results! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

busy day

Drove all over town with my mom running errands until 3pm. I got a wedding gift for my friend Jessica's shower this Friday. I went to the movies with my brother at 7:30 to see UP. It was soo cute!! I loved it. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for some summer clothes...going to the Zoo/Aquarium on Wednesday! :)

Going to read for a bit.



Monday, May 25, 2009

long weekend

Friday was fun.. I went bowling with friends and to Heritage after for an hour. Worked a double on Saturday and worked a morning shift Sunday. I was so exhausted that I just passed out when I got home. Today I went to visit my friend Melissa and her new baby. Little Kai is soo cute! I brought him some cute clothes to wear :) Watched The HunchBack of NotreDame with my lil brother..then watched the season finale of One Tree Hill. I feel so tired still....I'm going to read a little then off to bed. I've been having some trouble getting along with my brother and my mom lately and I'm praying that HE will show me how to handle this.

In Him,


Friday, May 22, 2009

Princess Ariel inspired bracelet is finished!!

The first Disney Princess inspired bracelet is finished!! I'm sure you can guess that this bracelet is inspired by Princess Ariel :) I loveee the colors!

The next bracelet will be inspired by Princess Aurora :) You can check out all my items in my shop!

Changed plans a little

So I ended up not going to the Crawfish boil. I had my first sale in my shop on Etsy last night! So I had to run some errands today to pick up some things I needed. I started feeling exhausted for some reason when I was out...and then the weather looked like it was going to get I just decided to skip the Crawfish boil. Super excited about what I'm working on now though! I am creating a line of Disney Princess inspired bracelets! I absolutely love Disney and especially the princesses so I'm really excited about making these bracelets! I've already started working on the one inspired by Ariel. I want the bracelets to look like something that the Princess's would wear...themed to their interests. I think they are going to turn out soo cute! Keep checking my shop to see when I list new items. This is the link for my shop

I saw Terminator Salvation earlier tonight! I thought it was really good. If you like action movies, you will love it! Tomorrow I'm going to meet my mom at the mall to pick out some baby clothes for my friend Melissa's adorable baby boy! I also might be going to the Greek festival in New Orleans if Meg and I can find some friends to go with us. We shall see!

Now..I'm going to go read for a bit :)

Goodnight world



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great day :)

Today was a great day. I spent the morning just admiring how beautiful it was outside. Life is so beautiful. Everything with my fitting for Jonah Hex went very smooth and I love lovee my costume! The movie is set in the 1800's so I get to wear a corset and a hoop skirt..the whole 9 yards! The fitting only took about an hour which was great b/c my last fitting went on for 3 hours. I also didn't get lost at all! And that's always a plus.
Noww about American Idol..amazing amazing show! This is their best season finale yet. I'm glad Kris won! I like Adam too but Kris is just really marketable and has the whole package. He seems like a genuinely great guy who doesn't even realize how talented he is.
Tomorrow I'm going to a crawfish boil for my work..can't wait! I love me some crawfish!
Goodnight world :)



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Adventures Await :)

So I got a call today about working as an extra on a movie called Jonah Hex. It's a big budget action film starring Megan Fox, Josh Brolin, Will Arnett, and John Malkovich. It's set in old western times so that means I get to wear a costume! :) I love dressing up for period films! This will be my 3rd film and my 5th time working as an extra. My fitting is tomorrow! I'm excited to see what I will be wearing. I will be working on the 28th and 29th...should be fun! I love meeting all the people that are there as extras or are working as production crew for the movie. I've met a lot of great people so far, and I'm sure I will meet many more on this next film :) A new adventure awaits, and I know HE is guiding me down this path..and I will follow wherever HE goes.



Monday, May 18, 2009

longg time no see

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged on here...a lot has changed since my last post. I've been home from Orlando since January and just finished a semester at Delgado. I turned 20 in April..and I actually do feel myself changing. I feel more like an adult now..and I am noticing that it's getting harder to fit in with the group of friends I have. I just don't have as much in common with some of them as I used to. I think I just need to find people that are more my age to hang out with. I have been reflecting a lot lately on Psalm 32:8 The Lord says, "I will make you wise and show you where to go.I will guide you and watch over you." Even though I am feeling confused right now..I just need to trust in HIM. He will guide me down my path and watch over me. Maybe I will find new friends this summer. :) Ok I am going to read a little, then off to bed!